Charlotte E English as ‘Featured Author’ for an entire week!

Some of you may already know how much I love Charlotte’s Draykon Series. I have previously reviewed both books in the series so far, and and given each book a well-deserved 5 star rating. So, I had to have Charlotte as a featured author when her third and final book in the series is about to come out.

For those who still don’t know what I am talking about, check out my reviews of Charlotte’s first two books in the Draykon Series:

  • Draykon (Draykon #1): … I really liked the story-telling style of the author and the two different story-arcs run smoothly along till almost then end when they collide magnificently and culminate in a crescendo. Now, all I can do is wait for the next instalment in the story.
  • Lokant (Draykon #2): … it becomes absolutely clear that a war will be coming soon. The resurrection of Drakons and their proclamation of war is where this book ends. I am waiting to see what role each character will have to play in the coming war. In the end, all I have to ask you is, “Are you ready for the battle?”

And, I just got an ARC of the third and final book in the series and I can’t wait to share the review with everyone! But, it’ll have to wait till the third day in the week.

As usual, I do have something very special for you guys! Charlotte has agreed to giveaway 2 sets of her entire series to lucky winners! That is right. Two people could be the proud owners of the entire series! I don’t think I have ever hosted a better giveaway (and, I have hosted quite a few till date). Also, this does not mean that others get left out. Charlotte is also giving away 3 ebooks of every book in her series. So, there is something for everyone here! 

It is very easy to enter the giveaway. All you have to do is visit the page linked below and follow the simple instructions. Remember to let me know if you have read any of Charlotte’s books previously.

Giveaway of Charlotte’s Draykon Series

Here is the schedule for the entire week on my blog:

23rd April – Day One: A Biographical write-up by Charlotte
24th April – Day Two: Charlotte’s books – An Introduction to the Draykon series
25th April – Day Three: My review of ‘Orlind’, the third book in the series
26th April – Day Four: An interview with Charlotte E English
27th April – Day Five: Guest post
28th April – Day Six: Short story by Charlotte involving Tren

And now for the final big announcement! I have two other wonderful bloggers participating in this awesome and HUGE week. They are:

Beth at Ebook Apothecary
Kate at Urban Fantasy Reviews

So go ahead and visit these great bloggers . They have a week scheduled which surely rivals mine! I will also be putting up links to these blogs in my posts to make it easier for you to follow along. As an added incentive, I’ll give  all commenters on all participating blogs extra entries in the giveaway! So, make sure you come back each day.

Mark this in your calendars, you do not want to miss it!


10 responses to “Charlotte E English as ‘Featured Author’ for an entire week!

  1. Romance Reader Enthusiast

    Charlotte: I’ve never read your work before but I’m looking forward to it. Always love a good fantasy. Thank you Ritesh for introducing me to a new author.


  2. Oooh, You have my interest! If Ritesh is liking them, then I know I will. Exciting! I look foward to the week and getting to know Author Charlotte E English, about her series and hopefully win myself some copies!

  3. Okay my blogger Friends are going to have to stop telling me about a great new book. My TBR pile is at 618 on my kindle only. I then have around 1000 on my computer to send to my kindle. I guess my pile will get larger because these books are going to be added to it. 🙂

  4. This series is definately going on my tbr list… Thanks Ritesh for this intro to the books n a new author

  5. Thanks Ritesh for hosting this event, I’m very excited about it! Thanks also to readers for the nice comments, I hope you enjoy the books if/when they come up on your reading lists. Good luck in the giveaway!

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