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Interview with Chela Prizeon from When Copper Suns Fall

Today I have a very special guest with me. I have Chela Prizeon, who is from a different would than ours. This is a world created by KaSonndra Leigh, in her book When Copper Suns Fall. If you were wondering who that is, read on!

Chela Prizeon Bio

My name is Chela Prizeon. I’m fifteen-years-old and I live in Castle Hayne, the official name for Hill Borough #1. I have a twin brother, Micah, and two best friends, Jalen and Alexa. We call ourselves the Bermuda Three. Why? Alexa explained it best: tick one of us off, and the other two will make you disappear. I live 55 years into the future. My life is…strange. The government decides who we date, who we kiss. Eventually, they’ll decide who I’ll marry too. My brother is in a coma. He has been that way for almost a year. I will find out what really happened to him. I know the fallen ones had something to do with it. And I intend to find out why.

Interview with Chela Prizeon

from When Copper Suns Fall

Welcome Chela. For those readers who are not familiar with your story, can you give us a little background about yourself?

Thank you, Ritesh. I’m so excited to be here. And I love your name, btw. It’s so cool. Okay, now the background stuff. Well, um I’m fifteen. But I’ll turn sixteen on October 21st. I’m pretty average, I guess. I have two best best friends: a girl named Lexa and a guy named Jalen. We call ourselves the Bermuda Threes. I go to a third-tier school called Ashley George. It’s kind of like what you would call high school. But I won’t get the chance to go this year because I’ve been assigned to Minders Camp.  That’s where kids who get carded for misbehaving go. Kind of like detention, I guess.  But I’ll talk about that in a bit. I live with my father, stepmother, and her daughter, Audrina. I have a twin brother, too. But…well, he’s sick. So he hasn’t been with us for over a year now. He has a virus that doesn’t usually affect people in Castle Hayne. Only outcasts usually get sick, the people that live  in the Dim Cities outside the Great Wall.

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