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ARC Review: Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle (Kiwi Series) by Vickie Johnstone

Hi everyone, as promised, I am going to be posting my reviews here on this blog. So, here is my first review after the move! I know it has been a really long time, but I am back to reviewing books now.

Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle (Kiwi Series, 4)Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle by Vickie Johnstone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Please read this first: The story of this book draws a lot from the stories of the first three books. So, it is possible that spoilers will creep into my review. If you haven’t read the first three books, please don’t read any further.

I have to start by saying that I have loved each of Kiwi’s previous adventures, and this one is no different. Vickie’s books have grown in scope and complexity, which is something I really like. The kids, at whom this series is aimed, can now grow along with the books.

The latest instalment of the Kiwi series is slightly different. For one, this is definitely not a stand-alone book, or something which can be read out of turn. The story in this book draws on plotlines from previous books, and a number of minor characters from previous books return now. Secondly, this book can clearly be divided into two distinct parts. Although, these parts are intricately linked, with one progressing effortlessly from the other, you can clearly see where one part ends and a new one begins.

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