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Giveaway of Nate Rocks the Boat by Karen Pokras Toz

I know this is not the usual genre I read, but what can I say!? I love the Nate Rocks series! They make me feel like a child again, and that is always a great feeling to have. And, I love the adventures Nate goes on. But, the real reason I love these books is that I find myself comparing my childhood to Nate’s and loving it. OMG, when did I become so old, that I am starting to reminisce about my childhood? Oh well, if you are a person who is young at heart, you need to check  out these books, and what better way than to win the second book, and read it for free? You can win one copy of Nate Rocks the Boat, and the giveaway will be open till May 17th!

You can check out my reviews of both books here:


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With fourth grade finally winding down, 10-year-old Nathan Rockledge is looking forward to a fun and relaxing summer at home with his friends. That is, until his mom decides he has to go to overnight camp with his annoying older sister.  When his best friend Tommy decides to tag along, Nathan thinks maybe his summer won’t actually be so bad. After all, he does get to be away from his mom’s awful cooking for an entire six weeks.

Amongst Color War competitions, a flaky counselor, and a bully named “No-Neck,” Nathan turns to his trusty sketchpad, transforming himself into Nate Rocks: 10-year-old extraordinaire. His speedboat ready for action, Nate saves the day time and again from the perils of floods, snakes, ghosts, and even the most wanted criminals.

Join Nathan, Tommy, Abby, and a whole new cast of characters as Nate Rocks once again proves nothing can hold him back in this second book of the Nate Rocks series.

Giveaway of  Nate Rocks the Boat

by Karen Pokras Toz

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  6. My decision of the winner will be final, I will use a publicly available random number generator to pick the winner.

Writing to me is … Guest Post by Karen Pokras Toz

Writing To Me Is…

by Karen Pokras Toz

…A new endeavor.  Had you asked me to finish this sentence five years ago, I might have said that writing to me was a chore. It was something that didn’t interest me one bit.  I was a reader – not a writer. But a story in my head kept nagging at me, asking to be put to paper. So, two years ago, I decided to give it a try. An amazing thing happened. I found out I enjoyed writing. In fact, I quickly became infatuated with this new activity I had discovered. Here I was, a 40 something year old woman giddy over this new passion. I wrote every day – the words flowed fast and furious, and before I knew it, I had an 85,000-word novel written. It was awful! But it didn’t matter, as I had discovered something so fulfilling, I was not about to let it escape me. So instead, I worked at improving my art. I found a writing coach, joined critique groups, and asked everyone and anyone for advice. The advice was consistent: “You have a young voice – you would make a great children’s author.”

I took this advice to heart, put aside my first manuscript, and began developing my popular character, “Nate Rocks” – 4th grader extraordinaire and star of Nate Rocks the World, and newly released, Nate Rocks the Boat.

So now when you ask me, “Writing to me is…” I answer: “proof you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.” A lesson I try to convey in the Nate Rocks Series and beyond.


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Review of Generation by William Knight


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Review of Generation by William Knight

GenerationGeneration by William Knight

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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The story of Generation follows Hendrix Harrison who is a reporter for a paranormal magazine called Strange Phenomena. Hendrix starts investigating ghost sightings and he is pulled deep into a mystery which is far bigger then he initially realized. As bodies start disappearing and Mendel Pharmaceuticals starts taking a particular interest in this, the mystery deepens. Sarah Wallace, who is an entomologist and is the head of the research facility from where the bodies have disappeared, also gets involved in the mystery. Sarah soon finds that the mystery is far more sinister than initially imagined. As both Hendrix and Sarah start to dig deeper, a story of corporate greed and a drug trial gone horribly wrong starts developing. With neither of them willing to let go and Mendel Pharmaceuticals hell-bent on protecting its investments, a clash between “David and Goliath” begins. They have to race against time and unknown enemies to solve the mystery in time to stop Mendel from launching a suspect treatment which would have global implications.

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The World Among Us Blog Tour – Interview with author Beth Ann Masarik

Hi everyone! As part of  The World Among Us Blog Tour, today I have with me author Beth Ann Masarik. We talk about her and her book. And it is an awesome book! You can find my review here. Also, be sure to enter the scavenger hunt and the giveaway!

scavenger hunt

There is an amazing scavenger hunt going on during the tour. The grand prize for the scavenger hunt, is an autographed hard cover of Prince of Darkness from both me AND the illustrator, some never before seen artwork for it, a totebag, a personalized mug, and a keychain 🙂 But the winner for that won’t be announced until the end of the month. Details of the Scavenger Hunt at the end of the interview!

To enter, you’ll have them mention Beth in a tweet @theworldamongus or tag her in a post on Facebook Beth Ann Masarik, and leave a blog comment with your email address to enter to win. You will also have to follow my blog to qualify 🙂 You can follow me by email (available in the top left corner), like my Facebook page (Ritesh Kala’s Book Reviews) or follow me on Twitter (@mastbrat)


As part of the giveaway, you can win an ebook of  The World Among Us, an autographed poster of the Prince of Darkness cover and a  The World Among Us keepsake box.  Here’s the big bonus, you need to do the same things as the scavenger hunt to qualify for the giveaway as well! Remember to follow me to qualify to win these awesome prizes.

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Interview with  author Beth Ann Masarik

Describe your book? What genre do you consider your book?

The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness, is a Young Adult/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy saga.  It revolves around vampires and Greek gods, and forbidden love.  All of my characters (especially the main ones), have some sort of internal conflict.  Picture Harry Potter meets Percy Jackson meets Twilight.

When and why did you begin writing? 

I began writing when I was in high school.  I’ve always had an over-active imagination.  When the opportunity arose, I took creative writing classes in high school and in college.  Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’ve been writing my entire life pretty much.

How did the idea for this story come to mind?

I’ve always loved magic, and I was going through a rebellious stage when I wrote the original draft back in 2003. I had been reading Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, when I realized that I wanted to write a book and have it published.  One of my ex’s at the time helped me come up with some of the ideas, and I bounced some of mine off of him.  Since I was the one who wanted to write the book, I was the one who wrote it all down.  Then, in 2008, I found the original manuscript in the bottom of my closet, dusted it off, and read through most of it.  I realized that it needed to be greatly improved, and that the plot was all over the place.  So, I did some research on how to write a novel, and sat down and plotted out what is now the current version of Prince of Darkness.  I wrote it all on my own, but bounced some ideas off of my best friend, Robin.  Once I was ready to sit down and write it, I entered my very first writing challenge…NanoWrimo.  No, I didn’t complete the book in a month. In fact, it took me at least 2 years to complete the new version.  I was going to a business school and working at the same time, so my writing time was limited.

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Interview with Curtis Hox, author of ‘Bleedover’

As part of the ‘Bleedover Blog Tour’ I will be giving away a copy of the eBook to one lucky winner. You can enter here.

The author is also giving away a $50 Gift card to one lucky winner who will be chosen from across the blog tour. You can enter here.

Today, I interview author Curtis Hox today. I have also reviewed the book here. The book is a great amalgamation of both my favourite genres: Fantasy and SF.

Interview with Curtis Hox, author of ‘Bleedover’

Describe your book? What genre would you classify it into?
Technically it’s science fantasy. It uses tropes from both genres quite liberally. But during our soft launch we experimented with this terminology and had trouble with it. People on the boards didn’t seem that interested in the genre, which makes sense because it’s a narrow sub genre. So, we’re calling it science fiction and contemporary fantasy.

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