Giveaway of the Draykon Series by Charlotte E English

As part of the “Charlotte E English as Featured Author for an entire week!”, I am bringing you an amazing giveaway! You stand to win loads of books and everyone gets a chance to get a taste of Charlotte’s amazing series! I will be giving away 3 (THREE) EBOOK COPIES EACH of Draykon, Lokant and Orlind, the three books in this trilogy. 2 (TWO) lucky winners will also stand a chance to win all three books, that is, the entire series!  This is definitely the best giveaway I have had, ever!


Draykon (Draykon #1)

My review of Draykon

When shy and retiring Llandry Sanfaer discovers a mesmerizing new gemstone, she suddenly becomes the most famous jeweller across the Seven Realms. Demand for the coveted stone escalates fast; when people begin dying for it, Llandry finds that she herself has become a target.

Lady Evastany Glostrum has her life in pristine order. Prestigious, powerful and wealthy, she is on the verge of crowning her successes with the perfect marriage. But when her closest friend is murdered for the jewellery she wears, Eva is drawn into the mystery surrounding the curious “istore” gem.

The emergence of the stone is causing chaos across the Seven. Gates between the worlds are opening at will, pulling hordes of creatures through from the shadowy Lower Realm and the glittering Uppers. As Eva works to discover the culprit behind the spreading disorder, Llandry must learn the truth about her precious istore stone — before she herself becomes a victim.

Lokant (Draykon #2)

My review of Lokant

The long-vanished draykon race has been restored to the Seven Realms, and the mystery of the istore stone is resolved. But Lady Eva Glostrum returns to Glour City with many questions unanswered. Who are the enigmatic sorcerers who woke the draykon? Their powers are beyond anything she has ever known. With one dead and one vanished — literally — Eva has little to go on save a book taken from a mysterious tower in the Lowers, its cover marked with the strange word “Lokant.”

Llandry Sanfaer is anxious to learn more about the glorious draykoni, whose story is so inexplicably bound up with her own. But when she brings another draykon back from the Long Sleep, she finds she has made a grave mistake. Worse, a white-haired sorcerer with a talent for mind control is stalking her across the Worlds…

As war builds between humankind and draykoni, Eva must uncover the identities of the sinister white-haired practitioners — and come to terms with the truth of her own heritage. And Llandry must learn why she appears to be their primary target …

Orlind (Draykon #3): 

War has broken out between the humans of the Seven Realms and the long-lost draykoni race. Llandry’s home city is under attack, its defenders scrambling to find a way to fight the draykon enemy. The outcome of the conflict seems certain – until the draykoni vanish. Where could they have gone, and why?

Lady Eva Glostrum is convinced that this means bad news. The Lokant sorcerer Krays is still at large, and his mysterious projects centre on her world – and the draykoni. Could he have something to do with their disappearance? If so, why? And what will it mean for the Seven Realms when the draykoni come back?

As Llandry fights to defend her home, Eva sets out in pursuit of Krays. Determined to learn the truth, she’ll go to any lengths to prevent him from damaging the Seven. Her quest will take her right into the heart of Krays’s Library – and there she will uncover another long-kept secret

Giveaway of the Draykon Series

by Charlotte E English

How to enter the giveaway:

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Giveaway rules:

  1. Only one entry per user.
  2. Giveaway is open internationally.
  3. Entries will be open till May 10, 2012.
  4. The winners will receive ebook copies of the books.
  5. I will notify the author of the winner, and will pass your email address to her. The author will contact the winner.
  6. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that you receive your book. If you do not receive your book in 15 days, please let me know.
  7. My decision of the winner will be final, I will use a publicly available random number generator to pick the winner.


I’m an independent fantasy author, born in England but now resident in the Netherlands. I live out here with my partner and two cats (every author has at least one cat, right? It’s nice to fit in). I’ve loved reading since I was a young child. In fact, it’s fair to say that I spent most of my teenage years living in books. When a person spends that much time dreaming in text, taking up writing is the only logical onward step. I like to write fantasy fiction because it gives me all the scope I could want to exercise my powerful (and overindulged) imagination. I have plans to write some historical fiction someday, but for now that can wait.

The Draykon books are my first fantasy series. The third book is coming out soon, which means I’m a bundle of mingled excitement and nerves right now (not that unusual). My next project is a steampunk adventure with a bit of intrigue and at least a little bit of romance.

You can find Charlotte here:

|    Website    |    Facebook    |    Twitter    |    Goodreads    |

|    Amazon    |    Smashwords    |

15 responses to “Giveaway of the Draykon Series by Charlotte E English

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  2. MicheleAnn Oboyle

    this is nice of charlotte to do this giveaway and your self no i havent read any of her books but i do love fantasy type of books

  3. I adore the covers and this sounds like a hell of an adventure! Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. I’ve entered, appreciate it Charlotte, thank you!

  5. Fab giveaway – I lurve the covers, especially the second book’s cover!!

  6. Love the covers… 🙂 ❤

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  9. Thanks for the lovely comments. Regarding the covers, hopefully we’ll be doing a cover reveal near the end of the event – book three’s is coming up!

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