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Winners of the giveaway of Terra Harmony’s Water

We had an amazing week with Terra Harmony recently. If you missed all the fun, well, too bad. I’d like to everyone who participated during the week by entering the giveaway, leaving comments or just by reading along.

If you’d like a recap to the amazing week, you can take a look at the wonderful wrap up at Terra’s blog.

Alright, so I am rambling. Let’s get to the point. I know why you are here, and I don’t want to tease you any longer 😉

So, here’s what we all have been waiting for. The 10 lucky winners of an eBook Terra’s Water are:

  1. Brianna H
  2. Vidya Ravi
  3. Cambria hebert
  4. Kayleigh-Marie Gore
  5. Ana Tomova
  6. Sara Hampton
  7. anjanavasan
  8. Pamela Rosensteel
  9. Diana Dimovska
  10. Natasha Fulton

Congratulations to all the winners! I am sure you are going to love the book and will be completely hooked to the series. Terra will be contacting you anytime now, so keep a look-out for her email. If it so happens, that you do not hear from her in the next couple of days, please let me know.

I will be having a review of the second book in the series, Air soon on my blog, so be on the look-out. You never know, I might have a giveaway for that soon too!


Interview with Terra Harmony, Author of ‘Water’

This post is part of ‘Terra Harmony as featured author for an entire week’. During the week we will be having a number of posts by Terra. You can find the details here. There will also be a giveaway happening for 10 copies of Terra Harmony’s novel Water, which is the first book in the Akasha series. You can enter the giveaway  here.

For today’s post of the week, I have Terra Harmony answering all my questions in the great style of hers. Funny and spunky!

Without, babbling on, I’ll dive right in!

How would you describe your series? What genre would you classify it into?

The Akasha Series consists of four contemporary eco-fantasy novels. The first book, ‘Water’ is published as an e-book.  The second book, ‘Air’ will be published in February 2012, to be followed by ‘Fire’ and ‘Earth’. Above all, the series is a fantasy, though it does carry a larger message, which is where the eco part comes in.

The main character, Kaitlyn, is drawn into an organization called ‘The Seven’ in order to use her newly discovered elemental powers.  The Seven exists to balance the Earth, a job made exponentially more difficult with pollution. Furthermore, views on how The Seven should be run differ.  The antagonist chooses to follow the much darker route of human depopulation.

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Review of Water (Akasha 01) by Terra Harmony

Water (Akasha, #1)Water by Terra Harmony

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Water is the first book in the Akasha series by Terra Harmony and it is a huge… massive… humungous first book! Well, you now know the direction in which this review is headed.

The action in the book starts right on the first page, with the protagonist, Kaitlyn caught in an avalanche. She is rescued by the Seven, but finds herself captive in an unknown location. She is soon given the reason of her abduction and that is where the book turns from a mystery to an eco-fantasy. Kaitlyn is a Gaia or ‘Mother of the Earth’ with powers over all four basic elements of nature, water, air, earth and fire. She soon realises that escape is impossible and reluctantly starts her training to become ‘the Gaia’. A romance is thrown in the mix, as Kaitlyn starts falling for her trainer and a whirlwind relationship begins.

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Akasha – A Series Introduction by Terra Harmony

I am so excited to be writing a detailed introduction to The Akasha Series!  I could write several pages explaining the series, but as you know – each reader interprets a story differently.  Instead, I’d like to convey the story using bits and pieces of reviews by readers themselves.  Every sentence below is taken directly from a book blogger’s review. I’ve made sure to give the reviewers their due props; see below for links to their full reviews.  As I side note – I am looking forward to the review from Ritesh to post tomorrow!

‘Water’ focuses on an ancient organization, the Seven, devoted to extraordinary beings that manipulate elemental magic. The Seven helps in resolving Earth’s environmental issues. The main character, Kaitlyn, is kidnapped and brought to the Seven headquarters where she learned the truth of her role as a Gaia.  Throughout the book, there are clear roots of Paganism and Witchcraft, nature-worship, and modern-day environmentalism.

The action starts from the first chapter as Kaitlyn finds herself in the middle of an avalanche, then waking up in an unknown place with unknown people. Little does she know that she has been watched for a very long time, as she has powers that are strong and powerful. As she comes to grip with this knowledge and begins her training to be a Gaia, a whirlwind romance is thrown into the mix. Soon Kaitlyn finds herself headed out to her first assignment with the other members of the Seven. Things won’t go as planned and Kaitlyn must delve into her inner strength to survive.

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Terra Harmony on Life, her Books and some awesome Powers!

This post is part of ‘Terra Harmony as featured author for an entire week’. During the week we will be having a number of posts by Terra. You can find the details here. There will also be a giveaway happening for 10 copies of Terra Harmony’s novel Water, which is the first book in the Akasha series. You can enter the giveaway  here.

Also be sure to check back everyday. We have some great posts coming your way. This is going to be an amazing week!

Ritesh: If you don’t already know, Terra is the author of an eco-fantasy series ‘Akasha’.  Today, she talks about herself, her life and her books. Be sure to answer the question Terra asks, for a chance to get an extra entry in the giveaway!

Terra Harmony on Life, her Books and some awesome Powers!

First, I want to thank Ritesh for the wonderful opportunity to be the featured author of the week.  What a great way to really get to know the books and the authors behind them! Ritesh has done a wonderful job with the blog – I am hooked!

Now to me. I admittedly always have trouble talking about myself – it feels awkward.  I’ll start with something simple – my name.  Several people have already commented on my author name.  It is, in fact a pen name.  Although my first name is truly ‘Terra’, meaning ‘Earth’, it is actually my middle name, not my last name that is ‘Harmony’ meaning ‘peace’.  Put together, my name means ‘Peace on Earth’. You guessed it – my parents were hippies.  I have to say Terra Harmony was a much better choice than their original idea of ‘Moon Shadow’.

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