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Interview with Jackie Gamber author of the Leland Dragon Series

As part of the blog tour launching Sela, the second book in the Leland Dragon Series by author Jackie Gamber, today, I have with me, the author herself! We are talking about Jackie’s journey as an author, her books, the Leland Dragon Series and how it originated and a lot more! So, what are we waiting for? Lets get started!

Interview with Jackie Gamber

author of the Leland Dragon Series

Describe your series. What genre would you classify it into?

The Leland Dragon Series is full of magic, mysteries, dragons, and more; the heart of High Fantasy. But more than that, the characters deal with identity issues, fears, dreams…all those things we all deal with in our modern world.

How did you come up with the idea for the series?

The characters introduced themselves to me, and, in particular, Kallon Redheart. Their world filled in around them, as I explored the story. Let it unfold as I was washing dishes, sleeping, or waiting in line at the bank. Most of my ideas come by way of the characters, and then it goes from there.

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G is for Felicia Day … err … I mean, The Guild

I am going to confess, I am in love with Felicia Day, as, I am sure a lot of my fellow geeks would say too. I came across Felicia in one of my favorite TV shows, Eureka, where she plays Dr. Holly Marten, who is sent by a senator to evaluate the team in Eureka. She has appeared in a total of 8 episodes as of now, and this is where my love affair with her begins.

When I found her on Goodreads.com and I saw her book shelves, my love for her only deepened. I am truly amazed that she can actually find the time to read this much! And, she likes fantasy. Well, what else can I ask for in the girl of my dreams? I am amazed she finds time to do so many things. Consider all that she is doing right now. She can find time to read, play video games, act on TV, create, write and produce and act in web series and write and create a series of graphic novels. I am simply left gawking at her talent, energy and above all time management.

Here’s a list of her current projects:

The Guild Dragon Age
Eureka Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
The Legend of Neil Red

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