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Mr Warvel’s Red Cloak – A short story from the Draykon World

The Red Cloak

‘Great game! I should never have given up glowball.’ Pitren Warvel, the picture of youthful health and exuberance, slapped his quieter friend on the back.

Edwae Geslin’s answering smile was weak. ‘You’re only saying that because we won.’

‘That doesn’t hurt,’ Tren agreed with untouched cheer. ‘That’s your doing, of course. You were always the best at the Academy.’

‘Not at all,’ Ed demurred. Tren shook his head, smiling, but he didn’t argue. Ed was shorter then he was, his frame slight and not at all robust. Self-effacing by nature, he was inclined to interpret these physical characteristics as grave flaws; but glowball favoured those with agility, dexterity and strong sorcerous talent as much as those with brute strength, and in these areas Edwae excelled.

‘Come on,’ said Tren. ‘I’ve just got time to catch a bit of the next game, if we hurry.’

‘Oh? Someplace else to be?’ Ed followed as Tren made for the door, weaving his way through the untidy rows of glowball players still changing out of their games attire.

‘I’m on Cloak duty tonight,’ Tren said over his shoulder.

‘Oh? I thought it was Mern’s night?’

‘Had to go to the infirmary. I’m standing in for her.’ Stepping out into the air, Tren breathed deep. It was one of those crisp, fresh nights, invigoratingly clear. The moon, half full, hung low on the horizon. Tren took careful note of its position.

‘Nothing serious, I hope?’ Ed caught up again as Tren turned back towards the games fields. The sounds of the game carried far in the still air: a roar from the crowd followed by a burst of applause. Tren quickened his step.

‘She didn’t say,’ he replied with a shrug. ‘Didn’t seem troubled though.’

‘I’d have thought you would know.’ Ed cast him a meaningful glance.

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Grimsley Hollow – The Search for Siren – Chapter One Reveal!

This post is part of ‘Nicole Storey as featured author for an entire week’. During the week we will be having a number of posts by Nicole. You can find the details here. There will also be a giveaway happening for 3 copies of Nicole Storey’s novel ‘The Chosen One’, which is the first book in the Grimsley Hollow Series series. You can enter the giveaway  here.


This is the best finale post from a Featured Author yet. For the first time ever! I have a sneak peek at the second book in the Grimsley Hollow series. All will be revealed! I have the first chapter for the second book. You have to read this!

DISCLAIMER: You are going to fall in love with the series and the anticipation for the next book will increase manifold!

Grimsley Hollow – The Search for Siren

Chapter One

Just a Dream

The cave was bare and cold.  Frigid air passed through Gage’s thin, cotton t-shirt, settling deep into his bones like ice.  He rubbed his goose-bumped arms while looking around.  How did I ever get to this dismal place?  The last thing he remembered was lying in his bed.  He’d said ‘good night’ to his parents before crashing.  His eyelids had fluttered before his head had hit the pillow.  He had awakened here.  Only he wasn’t sure exactly where here was.

Gage looked down. He was wearing a pair of silly pajama bottoms and a Skillet t-shirt.  No shoes?  This must be a dream, he thought.

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Raining Mud – An Akasha Series Short Story by Terra Harmony

Author’s Introduction: Thank you for your interest in my writing! The following short story is based on Alex and Susan, some of the main characters from the Akasha Series.  This one is from Alex’s point of view.  Follow the links posted at the bottom to read the next short story and to check out more awesome book review bloggers!


Somehow when I thought of Afghanistan, I imagined desert, men in turbans, and camels. I was so wrong. Instead, there were treacherous, ice-covered mountains. The men who shot at me didn’t wear turbans; they mostly wore their knitted pokal hats. And the only camel I saw was dead, bones picked clean by a starving village.

It was a horrible place, made more so by constant war. I shrugged off the misery of Afghanistan; it was better than going to foster parents. My mom signed the parental release forms for the military on her death bed; we had no surviving kin.

“Henson! Do you have them yet?”

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The Viscount and the Witch – A Riyria Chronicles Short 01

The Viscount and the Witch

A Riyria Chronicles Short: Story #1 by Michael J. Sullivan

A woman wielding a broom charged at them, looking as much like a witch as anyone Hadrian had ever seen. Matted black hair spilled down in brittle locks, leaving only one eye and the tip of her nose visible. The peasant skirt she wore hindered her escape from the thickets, and had enough rips and muddy stains that Hadrian was certain she had tripped on it more than once.

“Stop! I need help!” she cried in desperation as if he and Royce had been racing down the road. In truth the two were riding their horses at a pace just slightly faster than a man could walk. Hadrian pulled his reins, halting while Royce continued for a bit before turning around with a curious look. Over the past year Hadrian had seen the expression often enough. He knew from experience that the puzzlement would turn to irritation as soon as his partner realized Hadrian was stopping to hear what the old woman wanted. Then would come the scowl. Hadrian was not certain what that meant—disappointment perhaps? Next, Royce’s eyes would roll with open contempt and then frustration would display itself in the form of folded arms. Finally anger would rise along with his cloak’s hood. Royce pulling up his hood was always a bad sign, like fur bristling on a wolf’s back. It was a warning and usually the only one anyone ever received.

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