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Review of A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark #01) by Kresley Cole

A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark, #01)A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Let me start off by saying that this is the first paranormal and the first paranormal romance book I have read, so my review is going to be shaded by that. You can think of this as a guy’s first impression of the PNR world. Also, the reason I am reading this book is because a dear friend recommended it to me to start researching the world of paranormal creatures. With that out of the way, let’s get to the review.

A Hunger Like No Other has two characters I disliked a lot right from the start. Lachlain is the epitome of an alpha male, who thinks he is a gift to the world and women in particular. He is a Lykae (werewolf) leader who has been imprisoned in hellish conditions for 150 years by vampires, and escapes from there when he scents his true mate. Also, he is over 1,200 years old, just keep this in mind. I actually liked how the author described the pain and anguish that Lachlain had to face while being held there. What I did not understand was why he did not attempt to get out sooner, if he was in such pain that the only thing keeping him sane was thought of revenge. I think revenge is a huge motivator, which should have given him the incentive to break out. But … moving on.

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The Brave New World of Paranormal Fiction

The Brave New World of Paranormal Fiction

Day Walkers? Synthetic blood? The literati have released vampires from daily confinement in their coffins, turned their blood lust into a ‘beverage preference’ and generally overhauled one of literature’s longest-running and most hallowed of paranormal traditions. Will our silver bullets, stakes, hammers and holy water become charming, but ineffectual, relics as well? Is this a good thing or bad? Or is “unforgivable” more like it? Discover what our panel of paranormal authors have to say on the subject.

The novelists gathered here, Kelsey Miller,Danielle Blanchard Benson ,Graeme Reynolds, Jodine Turner and Arshad Ahsanuddin, are five of dozens of up-and-coming indie authors featured in “The Last Way Station Mega Book Tour.” This tour represents a new concept in virtual book touring: multiple authors participating in tag-team guest blog tour stops. We named the tour in honor of founder and sponsor, Jon Reisfeld’s book, The Last Way Station. Click here to take your chance at winning a Kindle Fire (Grand Prize) or a selection of ebook-bundle secondary prizes in the book tour’s official Sweepstakes. Want to learn more about the tour’s featured authors? Then, click here.

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Interview with the author of ‘Ghosts of Arlington’, D. G. Gass

I have previously reviewed ‘Ghosts of Arlington’ (You can find my review here). Today, I welcome to the blog, the author of ‘Ghosts of Arlington’, D. G. Gass who has graciously agreed to answer some questions about her books, her writing career and of course herself.

Now on to the interview!

Author D. G. Gass

D. G. Gass

Describe your book? 

“Ghosts of Arlington” is a fictional account of one woman’s attempt to cope with the suicide of her husband. After witnessing her husband’s suicide, Candace Benning tries to move on and move through the emotional issues that she now struggles with. A series of unexplained events, has her beginning to question her own state of mental health.  And the ghosts she faces are not always the specters from the beyond.  In the process of regaining her life, she becomes a reluctant advocate, with the help of a reporter.  In the process, she finds her voice and her ability to love again, despite the loss in her life.

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Ghosts of Arlington by D.G. Gass Review

Ghosts of ArlingtonGhosts of Arlington by D.G. Gass

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let me start by asking a question. What are the costs of war for country and its people?
These include not only the money spent for the thousands of troops, battle weaponry, and bombs, but also the lives of the soldiers lost in defending the country’s ideals and independence. However, one cost that is routinely ignored is the impact the war has on soldiers returning from the line of duty, their memories forever tainted by the horrors experienced there.

This is the story of such a soldier, who after two stints is hounded by the terrible images and nightmares he experienced during the war. Having returned to his family, injured and broken, Aaron faces difficulties in facing his demons as well as his disability. His wife, Candace tries her best to help him gain a semblance of normality, but fails in her attempts. Finding the going tough, Aaron becomes overwhelmed and he takes his own life.

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