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Grimsley Hollow – The Search for Siren – Chapter One Reveal!

This post is part of ‘Nicole Storey as featured author for an entire week’. During the week we will be having a number of posts by Nicole. You can find the details here. There will also be a giveaway happening for 3 copies of Nicole Storey’s novel ‘The Chosen One’, which is the first book in the Grimsley Hollow Series series. You can enter the giveaway  here.


This is the best finale post from a Featured Author yet. For the first time ever! I have a sneak peek at the second book in the Grimsley Hollow series. All will be revealed! I have the first chapter for the second book. You have to read this!

DISCLAIMER: You are going to fall in love with the series and the anticipation for the next book will increase manifold!

Grimsley Hollow – The Search for Siren

Chapter One

Just a Dream

The cave was bare and cold.  Frigid air passed through Gage’s thin, cotton t-shirt, settling deep into his bones like ice.  He rubbed his goose-bumped arms while looking around.  How did I ever get to this dismal place?  The last thing he remembered was lying in his bed.  He’d said ‘good night’ to his parents before crashing.  His eyelids had fluttered before his head had hit the pillow.  He had awakened here.  Only he wasn’t sure exactly where here was.

Gage looked down. He was wearing a pair of silly pajama bottoms and a Skillet t-shirt.  No shoes?  This must be a dream, he thought.

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