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I won the Versatile Blogger Award!

Nickie Storey-Bailey, my friend over at the ‘Book Junkies’ group on Facebook gave me the most amazing news a couple of days back. She had chosen me as one of the recipients of the coveted “The Versatile Blogger” award.  I am simply ecstatic!

Firstly, I would like to really thank Nickie for thinking about me for this award. Her excellent blog, where she discusses the ups and downs of a wanna-be writer can be found here: http://nicolestorey.wordpress.com

According to the rules, for me to accept this award, I must:

1. Thank the person who gave it to me and link them back to my blog.
2.  Share seven things about myself.
3.  Pass this award on to 5 other recently discovered blogs and inform them of the honor.

Seven things about me only my closest friends and family would know are:

1. I am a huge computer nerd. I have always been the default go-to guy in all things related to computers for as long as I can remember.
2.  I just love chocolate. I’ll do anything for a friend who has a big chocolate bar in his hands.
3.  Although I work in investment banking, I’d rather be working in a start-up internet company.
4.  I might have a lot of friends and love to be around people, but I am just as comfortable being left alone for long durations.
5.  I love Mexican and Italian food but I never eat it often enough.
6.  I love playing computer games. I get so engrossed in them, that I lose track of time. So, I had to remove all of them from my computer. However, I still have those binges every once in a while.
7.  I like English movies and TV series much more than the local Hindi stuff. This means, I generally end up watching them alone.

The five people I would like to confer this award on are:

1. Vidya Ravi: http://vidya-booksaremagic.blogspot.com
2.  Meera Srikant: http://www.meera-lastingimpressions.blogspot.com
3.  Freelancer: http://www.alotofpages.com
4.  Sheetal: http://thoughtsunrestricted.wordpress.com
5.  Natasha McNeely: http://natashamcneely.wordpress.com

And finally, I’m adding one more name to the award I am passing on. I know the deal says five, but I just cannot resist!

6. Manasi Vaidya: http://www.mansee-pov.blogspot.com/

Thank you once again, Nickie!