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Fitting My History Research into My Science Fiction by Robert Collins

Fitting My History Research

into My Science Fiction

I write science fiction and fantasy. I also write nonfiction books about Kansas history. These two tracks of my writing career are separate. Occasionally I use what I research for my nonfiction in my fiction.

Take my second published novel, “Lisa’s Way.” The story is about a young woman trying to rebuild an interstellar society after an event called “The Savage Rain” isolated her world. Originally the story was set on Earth. Lisa and her friends had adventures, but there was no method to them.

In the early 1990s I published a series of travel booklets. The booklets covered the things to see and do in various counties around where I live. They also had brief histories of the towns in those counties.

A couple of those counties were along the Santa Fé Trail. The Santa Fé Trail was a commerce route, not a route settlers used. It connected the frontier of the United States with northern Mexico. After the Mexican War it became an important link between the Pacific Coast and the U.S. until the transcontinental railroad was completed.

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F is for Fantasy Worlds – Building races, places, history, WORLD by JC Andrijeski

Some Thoughts on World Building

Guest Post by JC Andrijeski

World Building on a Grand Scale

What has aided me more than anything, in terms of world building, is my love of history. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) history is so rich already with both inspirational and unusual people, religions, cultures, wars, mass hysterias of whatever kind, social movements, violent uprisings, prophecies, beliefs, languages, customs, mythologies, folk stories and so forth, that it doesn’t take much to look around and pull and stretch and recombine those different elements into new combinations. Continue reading