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Interview with C S Splitter, author of The Crayder Chronicles series

As part of the of C S Splitter’s “The Willing” blog tour, I have Splitter on the blog today. We chat about a lot of things, including his books, which are very interesting to say the least. So see my impression of the second book in the series, you can check out my review:

The Willing (Crayder Chronicles – Book 2) by C.S. Splitter – A review

… Tom Crayder, the protagonist of this series, is not a hero. He loves to talk and think about things such as planes, girls, sex and guns, basically all the things which would interest every guy. He is a normal guy, just like me, with all the normal problems, when life thrusts into a situation where he has to be heroic. In this book, Tom is not on a mission for the organisation, but on one of his own. His wife Jenny unknowingly gets into trouble with the mafia, and it is upto Tom and his team to save her. All the characters from the first book appear to make a comeback, and he has Lorena at his side during the entire book. …

Interview with author C S Splitter

From what I have read on his blog and his books, I can say that Splitter is an extremely fun person to be around. You’ll get to see the same thing in the interview as well! So, let me hand over the proverbial mike to him:

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The Willing (Crayder Chronicles – Book 2) by C.S. Splitter Review

The Willing (Crayder Chronicles #2)The Willing by C.S. Splitter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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I have to confess that I have read the second book in the series without reading the first one. This actually does not hamper my reading too much, but I do have to imagine parts of the backstory which I would have known from the first book. So, I do not really know the kind of relationship which Tom and Lorena have, or the organisation he has gotten involved with. It is actually nice to explore and find out these things for myself. This also means that I might unknowingly give out spoilers to the first book, you have been forewarned.

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