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Interview with Donna Brown, author of Double-take Tales

Today, I have someone extremely special with me today. Author and blogger extraordinaire, Donna Brown is someone I met through Facebook. She is extremely supportive of both bloggers and authors and runs the wonderful “The Indie Exchange” website. She has written a wonderful collection of short stories, Double-take Tales, which I have previously reviewed here.

So, lets get started. I can’t wait!

Interview with Donna Brown, author of

Double-take Tales

About Donna Brown, the Author

Describe your book? What genre would you classify it into?

I guess I would class it as ‘Short stories’ and ‘Contemporary’ – it’s just a collection of three short stories, designed to be a nice read for a train journey or split over several lunch breaks etc.  It’s a fairly quick read, hence the low price, but I hope it’s a satisfying one!

How did you come up with the idea for the book?

They were just three short stories that I wrote over the course of a few years and I felt they fit together nicely because of the little twists (hence the title ‘Double-take Tales’).  I’ve written other short pieces but somehow I felt these three made the best trio.

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The Making of an Anthology by Coral Russell

The Making of an Anthology  

by Coral Russell 

I’m part of a horror anthology called Playing with Fire. In fact, I organized it. Did I know what I was doing? Nope. So what made me think I could put together an anthology? I’m crazy that way.

I had written two mediocre, at best, short stories. I was smart enough and lucky enough to find two incredible crit partners who helped me make them into good short stories. Readable short stories. I gave them away. Listed them on a lot of freebie sites.

While they were mediocre, I had entered them into a horror contest and then became disgusted when non-horror books were making it into the top ten. I actually read through about eighty horror books in the contest and realized there were some real gems not making it into the contest.

I realized that a good book alone was not enough to place in the top ten. People who knew how to work the system made it in. There’s a lesson about social media in there somewhere. But that’s another guest post. Long story short, I ended up picking the winner and with Chryse’s help, got it in through a wildcard nomination.

After watching that spectacle unfold, I decided to send out a mass message asking if there was any interest in coming together for a horror anthology. I asked my good writing friend, Chryse Wymer, first because she’s just all around smart and wrote a top-notch short story I loved.

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Why literary fiction is a genre by Lynne Cantwell

About twenty years ago, I decided that the quickest way to become a published fiction writer would be to go back to school and get a master’s degree.  I figured I would make a bunch of contacts in class and among my professors, which would lead me to an agent, which would lead me to a contract, which would lead me to a spot on the table near the door at my local bookstore.

Alas, it wasn’t that easy.  Part of the problem was that I spent most of my master’s program trying to fit my square-peg writing style into the round hole called “literary fiction”.

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Double-take Tales by Donna Brown Review

Double-take TalesDouble-take Tales by Donna Brown

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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I have not really read any published short stories, and when I came across Donna’s Double-take Tales the title intrigued me enough to check it out. I have to now say that I was missing out on an important part of written fiction by ignoring short stories. After reading Donna’s three shorts, I’ve realized that these are really different than the full-length novels or even the shorter novellas. The space available to each story does not grant the author too much time to develop characters, or a back story. But a good short story can overcome these restrictions and make us care for what happens in the story as well as the characters.

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Raining Mud – An Akasha Series Short Story by Terra Harmony

Author’s Introduction: Thank you for your interest in my writing! The following short story is based on Alex and Susan, some of the main characters from the Akasha Series.  This one is from Alex’s point of view.  Follow the links posted at the bottom to read the next short story and to check out more awesome book review bloggers!


Somehow when I thought of Afghanistan, I imagined desert, men in turbans, and camels. I was so wrong. Instead, there were treacherous, ice-covered mountains. The men who shot at me didn’t wear turbans; they mostly wore their knitted pokal hats. And the only camel I saw was dead, bones picked clean by a starving village.

It was a horrible place, made more so by constant war. I shrugged off the misery of Afghanistan; it was better than going to foster parents. My mom signed the parental release forms for the military on her death bed; we had no surviving kin.

“Henson! Do you have them yet?”

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