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Percepliquis: The series concludes by Michael J Sullivan

I’ve done a plethora of guest blogs recently. Some hosts have asked me to comment on a specific topic, others have selected from a list that Robin came up with. For this post Ritesh asked what I would like to write about…a dangerous and daring move. Free of constraints there’s no telling what I might say. Let’s face it, there is only one reason Ritesh has devoted a whole week showcasing me: I wrote a book that is about to debut, but this isn’t just any book—this is the final, never before published, conclusion to a long epic fantasy series. That in itself is grounds for astonished celebration—a long fantasy series with an end!? What won’t they think of next?

Now just to clear up some confusion, the book I am speaking of is Percepliquis (stupid name for a book, and I would agree, unless you’ve read the others, then not so much), and maybe that’s the point. I don’t want people picking it up and reading it first, ah…but then there is another book as well…Heir of Novron which will debut just a few weeks later. Some people have been puzzled about which book is the next in the series, Percepliquis or Heir of Novron. Technically, they both are. Percepliquis is really only for people who have read all five books in their original six book format. Heir of Novron is the last of the Orbit published trilogy and is comprised of both, book number five, Wintertide and the last book Percepliquis.

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Interview with the author of the ‘ Riyria Revelations’ series, Michael J. Sullivan

As part of the ‘Michael J. Sullivan as featured author’ series, today we have an interview with Michael. We talked at length about his books, his writing career and future plans. By now, I’m sure everyone is familiar with Michael and his books, so I’ll skip the usual introduction and jump right in.

About the Riyria Revelations series

Ritesh: I asked Michael about about the Riyria Revelations series and the upcoming final chapter due to be released soon. Michael was gracious enough to give us a sneak peak at an excerpt from ‘Percepliquis’ as a bonus for all the waiting fans who were not able to land the ARCs!  

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