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Not Just for Christians by Brian Holers

Please enjoy this guest post by Brian Holers, author of the literary novel, Doxology. Then read on to learn how you can win huge prizes as part of this blog tour, including $450 in Amazon gift cards, a Kindle Fire, and 5 autographed copies of the book.

Not just for Christians

One of the beauties of self-publishing is that the gatekeeper has been fired. In this new world of books made possible by the Internet, no one is left to guard the door. To tell the reader what is what. This state of affairs may introduce an element of confusion for dogmatic readers, but the good news is, new breeds of literature are being created.

Self-publishing allows literature to cross over in new ways. Traditional Christian fiction publishers, for instance, disallow most references to sex, and even the most juvenile profanity. Self-publishing changes this. Not to suggest a writer should ever debase a genre—as writers we are obliged to choose our words carefully. But the old Christian books kept many readers away. “I’m not going to read that. That’s Christian. It’s boring.” Still, nearly every Christian I know periodically swears, fights, and even becomes amorous from time to time. Christians like good stories too, with depth of character, excitement, whimsy, action. The success of a book like The Shack shows the need for stories of real people dealing with real problems, in a faith-based context. It doesn’t even have to be good literature.

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The Brave New World of Paranormal Fiction

The Brave New World of Paranormal Fiction

Day Walkers? Synthetic blood? The literati have released vampires from daily confinement in their coffins, turned their blood lust into a ‘beverage preference’ and generally overhauled one of literature’s longest-running and most hallowed of paranormal traditions. Will our silver bullets, stakes, hammers and holy water become charming, but ineffectual, relics as well? Is this a good thing or bad? Or is “unforgivable” more like it? Discover what our panel of paranormal authors have to say on the subject.

The novelists gathered here, Kelsey Miller,Danielle Blanchard Benson ,Graeme Reynolds, Jodine Turner and Arshad Ahsanuddin, are five of dozens of up-and-coming indie authors featured in “The Last Way Station Mega Book Tour.” This tour represents a new concept in virtual book touring: multiple authors participating in tag-team guest blog tour stops. We named the tour in honor of founder and sponsor, Jon Reisfeld’s book, The Last Way Station. Click here to take your chance at winning a Kindle Fire (Grand Prize) or a selection of ebook-bundle secondary prizes in the book tour’s official Sweepstakes. Want to learn more about the tour’s featured authors? Then, click here.

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