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Reading is what made me a writer by Malika Gandhi

Reading is what made me a writer

by Malika Gandhi

Ever wished you had a time machine? I’m sure, like me, everyone has wished for one at many stages of their lives.

I wanted to be a writer at a very young age, at the age of eight or nine. At that time, something triggered an unconscious thought into my brain of wanting to be a writer. Was it the obsessive reading I did as a child? Perhaps so. The long hours I spent reading words, book after book hadn’t gone unnoticed within my family circle who would tease me about it (I had a tendency to curl up in a corner, take my book out and read, ignoring the activity before me. I always got lost in my book world).

I loved the library.  I made several, glorious trips to the big building which contained the published works of those successful writer people!  I would rummage through the isle looking for those perfect reads. We were allowed to take out eight books at a time and that is what I did when some would only take out two. I took out my cherished library card and had my eight books scanned into the library system.

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F is for Fantasy Worlds – Building races, places, history, WORLD by JC Andrijeski

Some Thoughts on World Building

Guest Post by JC Andrijeski

World Building on a Grand Scale

What has aided me more than anything, in terms of world building, is my love of history. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) history is so rich already with both inspirational and unusual people, religions, cultures, wars, mass hysterias of whatever kind, social movements, violent uprisings, prophecies, beliefs, languages, customs, mythologies, folk stories and so forth, that it doesn’t take much to look around and pull and stretch and recombine those different elements into new combinations. Continue reading