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The Making of an Anthology by Coral Russell

The Making of an Anthology  

by Coral Russell 

I’m part of a horror anthology called Playing with Fire. In fact, I organized it. Did I know what I was doing? Nope. So what made me think I could put together an anthology? I’m crazy that way.

I had written two mediocre, at best, short stories. I was smart enough and lucky enough to find two incredible crit partners who helped me make them into good short stories. Readable short stories. I gave them away. Listed them on a lot of freebie sites.

While they were mediocre, I had entered them into a horror contest and then became disgusted when non-horror books were making it into the top ten. I actually read through about eighty horror books in the contest and realized there were some real gems not making it into the contest.

I realized that a good book alone was not enough to place in the top ten. People who knew how to work the system made it in. There’s a lesson about social media in there somewhere. But that’s another guest post. Long story short, I ended up picking the winner and with Chryse’s help, got it in through a wildcard nomination.

After watching that spectacle unfold, I decided to send out a mass message asking if there was any interest in coming together for a horror anthology. I asked my good writing friend, Chryse Wymer, first because she’s just all around smart and wrote a top-notch short story I loved.

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