Daily Archives: May 20, 2012

This blog is now CLOSED!

Well, kind of.

This has been an amazing 6 months. I started the blog on 20th November, 2011, which coincidentally is also my birthday. I had no idea what I was getting into, or what I wanted to do with it. I was just thinking of writing down my thoughts about the books I was reading.

But, the community of bloggers, authors and readers I found, and who found me was simply amazing. I want to thank each one of you, for your support and love. You’re the reason, why I was able to keep up with this (besides the fact that I also had the time to do it).

But now, I have a new job which is taking increasing amounts of my time, and not leaving me with enough energy or enthusiasm to continue with this. And, I surely don’t want to be doing this half-heartedly. So, I am going to stop taking any and all review requests, and will have to stop (grudgingly) all other posts related to author promotions, interviews, guest posts and blog tours.

I will continue to read books of course, I can’t stop now that I have been bitten by the bug. I will also try and write reviews for the books I read, but again, these posts are going to now become erratic. I might be able to put up 2 or 3 reviews a week or may not put up any for a couple weeks. BUT, this may not be the end of the blog. If I feel that I am getting enough time to start work on the blog again, I will do so.

Finally, I just want to say THANK YOU, for taking this wonderful journey with me!