Why do I write? by Carlyle Labuschagne

I write because I want to understand others as well as myself. I first started expressing myself at a very young age though poems, song writing. But finally found my true passion. Novel writing. My first novel The Broken Destiny is as I am sure many authors can relate to, is a combination of my experiences my world and the world inside my head, understanding myself as well as others , and feeding the passion. An almost craving for the feeling that writing has brought me. I have overcome the biggest obstacle of my life – to believe in myself , to prove myself to no one but myself of what I am capable of. To be a hard worker and enjoy it. To see things through.

Through writing I have learnt a lot about myself. Finally being able to move on from my mistakes. The Broken Destiny is about a girl who has to find her true self to unleash her Destiny towards greatness. Every person has good and bad, and everything comes down to a choice, and sometimes making the wrong choice is actually the right choice at the time – To grow, to learn – To love yourself. The only person who can hurt you is you. You are your worst enemy. Don’t change who you are for the sake of satisfying others, in the end it hurts only you. Your path is one of greatness and being true to yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. But it is often only through experiencing who you are not to know who you are. To know the light you have to have experienced the dark. But always remember everything you go through, no matter how hard –  is for a reason. Writing gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. Writing heals.

My desire for everyone is to find that one thing and go for it, no matter how impossible it may seem at the time, you will never know if you don’t try, and once you have tried you will know you can never be without it. If you have a passion, you can perform deeds you never thought you were capable of.


Don’t be crippled by fear. Let love and passion give you wings.


Ritesh:  So, tell me, why do you write? What is it that makes you do it?

About the author

I am the Author of The Broken Series.

My tales stem from my experiences in South Africa, and brought them to my world of Science – Fiction, fantasy and Paranormal.

The Broken Destiny currently to be released in 2012 through US publishers, and will be available through Amazon , B&N and many more . Currently working on Evanescent #2 in the Broken Series.

My goal as an Author is to touch people’s lives and help others love their differences and one another.

A firm believer in – YA saves!

You can find Carlyle here:

Website    |    Twitter    |    Facebook    |    Goodreads

About The Broken Destiny

Her Destiny is to rise above the fall that threatens her soul; her soul is the key to unleashing a secret weapon. She will become what she hates to save the ones she loves. Through it all she will find herself for that is her destiny. Her Destiny starts with betrayal.

The broken Destiny book one of the broken series.

Release Date: November 2012


4 responses to “Why do I write? by Carlyle Labuschagne

  1. Great post! I’m looking forward to reading Broken Destiny!

  2. I just love this! Thank you Carlyle for the insight. By the way, you are abso-freakin-lutely stunning! Like, fairy princess beautiful!! Jealous! lol xoxo

  3. I can’t agree more with this. =) I started writing poetry as soon I could form words, myself. I’m currently on my second novel, though the first remains unfinished at 90k words, but I’ve learned so much through the journey! So, to answer the question: my main reason for writing is my insatiable love for it. Its a journey that you get to shape, and before you know it, its shaping you.

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