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Book Review – The Chosen One (Grimsley Hollow Series) by Nicole Storey

The Chosen One (Grimsley Hollow Series)The Chosen One by Nicole Storey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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About the Book

Gage Gilbert is an eleven-year-old boy who has autism, loves Halloween, and has no friends. Although he has always been happy with the safety and security of his family, he longs for a real friend and adventure – not just the ones he makes up in his head. Then, he meets Eve.

Eve is a young witch from another world called Grimsley Hollow. It’s where all magical beings live in safety and peace, but their world is in trouble. Gage is the only one who can help save them from an evil witch who has taken control.


My Review

The Chosen One revolves around a young autistic boy named Gage, who does not have friends and feels isolated because of his autism. All this changes when he meets Eve and comes to know about another world called Grimsley Hollow where all the magical beings we read in books about, reside. This is the start of an adventure which involves witches, werewolves, vampires, pixies and dragons. This is a classic good vs. evil story as Gage and all his new friends unite to fight against an evil witch Inari, who has captured their parents.

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