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Interview with Ivory Autumn, author of Rise of the Fallen: Andrew and the Quest of Orion’s Belt

Rise of the Fallen: Andrew and the Quest of Orion’s Belt was one of the first books I read and reviewed on this blog. Not knowing what to expect from an Indie author, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. All I wanted to do was read a great fantasy book, and I was surprised by the quality of this book.

Today, after what feels like a really long time, but has only been a couple of months, I interview Ivory Autumn, the wonderful young author of Rise of the Fallen. I have to say, this is one of the most interesting interviews I have done. So read on!

Interview with Ivory Autumn

Describe your series? What genre would you classify it into?

My series falls into the Young adult epic fantasy genre. It’s the classic tale of good vs. evil. I love that theme. It never gets old, in my opinion.

How did you come up with the idea for the series?

First I wrote the book because I wanted to create something fun, and exciting that I would want to read. A lot of events and experiences in my life gave me ideas for this book. My love for gardening, and the long hours I spent planting flowers with my grandma, who just recently passed away, gave me the idea for Andrew’s ability to grow plants and flowers on command. I thought growing seeds without having to wait weeks for them to come out of the ground would be so very handy.  Also, my sister has a business where she deals in gemstones; that coupled with my imagination, gave me the idea for Orion’s gem fields in the book.

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Winners of the giveaway of Terra Harmony’s Water

We had an amazing week with Terra Harmony recently. If you missed all the fun, well, too bad. I’d like to everyone who participated during the week by entering the giveaway, leaving comments or just by reading along.

If you’d like a recap to the amazing week, you can take a look at the wonderful wrap up at Terra’s blog.

Alright, so I am rambling. Let’s get to the point. I know why you are here, and I don’t want to tease you any longer 😉

So, here’s what we all have been waiting for. The 10 lucky winners of an eBook Terra’s Water are:

  1. Brianna H
  2. Vidya Ravi
  3. Cambria hebert
  4. Kayleigh-Marie Gore
  5. Ana Tomova
  6. Sara Hampton
  7. anjanavasan
  8. Pamela Rosensteel
  9. Diana Dimovska
  10. Natasha Fulton

Congratulations to all the winners! I am sure you are going to love the book and will be completely hooked to the series. Terra will be contacting you anytime now, so keep a look-out for her email. If it so happens, that you do not hear from her in the next couple of days, please let me know.

I will be having a review of the second book in the series, Air soon on my blog, so be on the look-out. You never know, I might have a giveaway for that soon too!