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Interview with the author of ‘The Nousdian Chronicles’, Mark Waters

A very warm welcome to Mark Waters, author of ‘The Nousdian Chronicles’. Mark is here today to tell us about his series ‘The Nousdian Chronicles’. We get chatting, and find out more about him, his likes and his future plans.

So, without further delay, let’s get started!

Describe your series? Can you tell us about the world in which the series is set?

The Nousdian Chronicles are the story of Abigail Brown, a bright young tomboy, who discovers a door to a parallel universe in her father’s study. The twelve books in the series cover her life story, beginning at the tender age of almost thirteen, and that of the world to which she truly belongs. Nousidia is the real world, a magical world in which all beings live together in harmony, be they humanoid, vegetable, animal, dragon or something else entirely. The human world, or their perception of the world, was created by an ancient magic to contain the human race for their crimes against nature, and is separated by a splitting of the planet. However, Nousidia is in danger, as an evil witch called Belladora has gained control, and is turning the world towards her evil ways. She has captured her father and now she has set her eyes on the only remaining heir to the throne: Abigail.

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