The Apocalypse Gene Tour: Interview with Olivya, Main Character of The Apocalypse Gene


The Apocalypse Gene by Suki Michelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I picked up this book after looking at the description, I thought that it would be a run-of-the-mill dystopian novel. Boy was I wrong!

There were parts of the book which had me going, “What? That did not just happen! This is impossible.” There are some hard-to-believe segments in the book if you are expecting a normal story grounded in reality. But once you accept the fact that this is mainly a science fiction / fantasy novel, things start to get very interesting.
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Interview with Olivya Wright-Ono

Today, as part of The Apocalypse Gene Blog Tour, I talk with Olivya Wright-Ono who is the main character of ‘The Apocalypse Gene’ novel and ask her about her and her life after the Pandemic.  For those of you’ll who have no clue who Olivya is, she is the kick-ass protagonist of the novel ‘The Apocalypse Gene’, which is set in a dystopian future where a pandemic is raging and … well you will have to read the book to find out more.

So without any further delay, let’s get to the interview.

Hi Olivya! So how are you today? 

Pretty well, seeing as how I’m answering these questions from the future while I’m rockin’ the Apocalypse.

How is Mikah doing?

Don’t I wish I knew! That’s boy’s always so mysterious, but then again he does live with a monster and a bunch of freaks. Not something that’s gonna make you all talkative and giddy. He’s just hiding out right now doing what demon hybrids do when they’re chillin’.

What was your life like growing up?

Before the Pandemic, it was wonderful. Papa was alive.  He taught me martial arts and Mama’s face would just burst with love whenever she looked at him. We were all so happy. Seems like a dream now.

How would you describe your personality?

Well, I guess in some ways, I’m an optimist cuz as bad as it is I refuse to believe it’s The End. Sometimes I do get pretty down cuz I’m way over sensitive. I can see auras, all your emotions in living color so when there’s all this bad stuff going down, that can be exhausting. Also, I’m a loner. Never had many friends. Sensory overload, you know

How would you describe your looks?

I have a light brown complexion, which I got from Mama. She’s African-American.  I have crazy sweet dreadlocks. My eyes are dark and slanted. I got those from Papa, who was from Japan. There’s a gap between my two front teeth. I think it’s gross, but Papa liked it  . . .

What are your greatest talents?

Don’t have any “great” talents. Like I said up there, I can see auras, but that’s pretty much the opposite of great when all I get to see is the fear and pain in everyone’s soul from the Pandemic. Also, I can kick some serious butt with martial arts and swing a nagamaki like a pro, thanks to Papa’s lessons. A nagamaki is like a katana, but the handle is as long as the blade, which gives it a deadly reach.

Did you have issues with Mikah being a ‘monster’?

Nope. I know what it’s like to have people not even give you a chance, think you’re a monster just because you’re different. When kids found out about my aura-sight they started calling me “Scary Potter.” Stupid, right? Not fun. Of course, that was before the Pandemic when we still went to brick-and-mortar schools instead of Virtual School.

Besides Mikah, who do you like the most?

That’s easy! Mama! I love her soo much. I just wish I always showed it. She’s everything to me and she works so hard. It’s not fair that she has to spend all her time dealing with sick people. She’s so good at it, though. I try to help as much as I can. When Papa died, she converted our house to a hospice center to take care of the dying. Business is brisk – a sad commentary, wouldn’t ya say? She also worries about me a lot.  I try to be good, but sometimes, well, I’m not.

What would you change about yourself if you could?

I would be a better daughter. I just get so frustrated cooped up in this hospice all the time with everyone suffering and dying. That’s why I try so hard NOT to see auras. The sick ones all have this icky purplish haze around them, kinda like the color of raw liver. It’s spikin’ hideous.

What do you do when you are zeroed?

Man, being zeroed is the slaggin’ worst. All you peeps in the past probably get grounded or time-outs or whatever you call it. Not these days. We do all, and I mean ALL, our classwork and socializing online. It’s all we know. So when you’re zeroed, which means NO TECH whatsoever, it totally sucks.

Have you ever read physical books? If so, which ones?

Sometimes I grab some of Mama’s old paperbacks from way back in the dark ages before they had e-books. She keeps them in a plastic box with a tight seal so they don’t crumble. I try to disappear into the words. Sometimes it even works. They feel good in my hands. I like stories with happy endings, but not too happy cuz it’s just too hard to believe in that sort of thing now. I like Lord of the Rings, that sort of stuff, though I can read pretty much anything if there’s a character I can root for. Stories rock. My story rocks. You should read it!

What do you like and don’t like in the world today?

I like Cyber-Chicago, which is the online world where everyone pretty  much “lives”. It’s really hack-sweet to be able to go places and meet people and get so into it, it’s almost real. Of course, we do everything with our holo-sims or Avatars, which is what I think they were called back in 2012 before they had 3D holo technology. What I HATE is that the Pandemic has killed so many people and ruined so many families and made it so dangerous that Mama rarely lets me even leave the house.

What is your favourite food?

Sugar snap peas. I even like the way its name sounds.  Oh, and anything else as long as it’s chocolate.

What is your favourite place?

The past.


Interview with the authors of ‘The Apocalypse Gene’, Suki Michelle and Carlyle Clark

Could you describe your book? What genre would you classify your book as?

Suki and Carlyle:  The Apocalypse Gene takes place in the near future during a time of global pandemic.  Olivya Wright-Ono is a 15-year old girl whose psychic sight compels her to see auras riddled with the colors of despair, and now her mother is infected. Olivya’s only hope is the mysterious Mikah, a powerful Empath who claims the Pandemic is linked to his clan, the Kindred, and their brooding, monstrous Immortal Lord. With Mikah’s aid, Olivya races to unearth Kindred secrets, desperate to find a cure, only to discover the Pandemic is far, far more than a mere disease.

Genre:  This is an urban fantasy/dystopian story with elements of science fiction and cyberpunk.  In other words, it is cross-genre and rather difficult to categorize.  We were not concerned with genre when we wrote it.  We only wanted to produce an exciting read.  When it was finished, we had to figure out how to market it and decided that YA Urban Fantasy was the best fit.

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About the authors

Suki Michelle is a life-long Chicagoan, happily divorced and still good friends with her Ex. She lives and writes with her soul-mate, Carlyle Clark. She has one beautiful daughter, Bree, who is the first reader and critic of The Apocalypse Gene, and without her input, it wouldn’t be nearly as cool! Suki’s other children are of the four-legged type, Dahlia, the German shepherd; Kilala the lazy calico chub-cat; and Koney, the tortoise-shell demon cat from the Seventh Ring.

Carlyle is a burly dude from San Diego. He can look menacing at a glance, but as soon as he opens his mouth, pure intellectual. They are eternally grateful for the day they met at an on-line writer’s workshop. They’ve been together for four years. On the outside, Suki and Carlyle are totally disparate. On the inside, they are the REAL Neo-Twins. You’ll have to read The Apocalypse Gene to find out who the Neo-Twins are, but here’s a hint: They are twisted devils with mirror-melded auras.

As writers, Suki and Carlyle have complementary skill sets. Lyle is plot master and edgy dialoguer. He is a huge fan of Japanese anime, and he draws upon this to choreograph fight scenes. Suki enjoys painting a character’s emotional landscape and writing vivid descriptions. They both have wild imagination.

Suki and Carlyle treasure every opportunity to share their work.



The Apocalypse Gene

By: Suki Michelle and Carlyle Clark
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Global pandemic is raging. Olivya Wright-Ono’s once loving home has been converted to a hospice for the dying. Her ability to see auras forces her to witness, with agonizing detail, the vibrant colors of life consumed by malignancy.

The beautiful and troubled, Mikah, is an elite Empath in the ancient Kindred clan, led by the brooding, ever-morphing, monster named Prime. Mikah has learned a terrible truth .

. . the plague is linked to Kindred origins. When Olivya sees evidence of disease creeping into her mother’s aura, she has no one to turn to but Mikah. Can he unearth the Kindred secrets and find a cure? Can she trust this boy whose power allows him to manipulate her very emotions?

With her mother’s life, and that of the world, in the balance, Olivya and Mikah embark on a quest to stop the Pandemic, only to discover it is far, far more than a mere disease . .


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4 responses to “The Apocalypse Gene Tour: Interview with Olivya, Main Character of The Apocalypse Gene

  1. Ritesh, I can’t find sufficient words to thank you, so I’ll defer to the old standby . . . THANK YOU! You really put in a lot of time and effort on this, and Carlyle and I are so appreciative. Let’s blast this out there for all our cyber-connections to see. Your blog ROCKS.

  2. Great stuff – will have to read the darn book now after the interview /review and trailer – you now how to pull a person in:)

  3. Fun interview! Olivya is a wild and crazy gal for sure!

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