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Interview with the author of ‘Ghosts of Arlington’, D. G. Gass

I have previously reviewed ‘Ghosts of Arlington’ (You can find my review here). Today, I welcome to the blog, the author of ‘Ghosts of Arlington’, D. G. Gass who has graciously agreed to answer some questions about her books, her writing career and of course herself.

Now on to the interview!

Author D. G. Gass

D. G. Gass

Describe your book? 

“Ghosts of Arlington” is a fictional account of one woman’s attempt to cope with the suicide of her husband. After witnessing her husband’s suicide, Candace Benning tries to move on and move through the emotional issues that she now struggles with. A series of unexplained events, has her beginning to question her own state of mental health.  And the ghosts she faces are not always the specters from the beyond.  In the process of regaining her life, she becomes a reluctant advocate, with the help of a reporter.  In the process, she finds her voice and her ability to love again, despite the loss in her life.

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